How to find Company Database in India

It has become very difficult for companies to survive in the present COVID-19 situation where almost all industries are under lockdown. Manufacturing, Auto, Textile, Retail, Aviation, Travel, Hospitality etc. are feeling the heat. In this scenario it becomes very difficult for companies to make new sales and generate revenue. Most of the employees are working from home and hence it becomes imperative for sales vertical to thrive on inside sales. Inside sales candidates need database of relevant stakeholders. In this article, we will discuss how to create your own company database in India.

What is the difference in Field and Inside Sales?

Field sales is selling the product/service after meeting the customer in person.

Inside Sales is selling the product/service over phone/internet. One does not get chance to meet the customer in person in this scenario. Salesperson should have good company database for this.

LinkedIn way to create Company Database in India

There are 2 ways of doing this:

  1. One must create a LinkedIn login, start enhancing the network and then connect with relevant stakeholders for sales. But this is very time taking process as one can just connect with either 1st degree or 2nd degree connections.
  2. One has to create a LinkedIn login, purchase Sales Navigator and start creating a database. One can create an enormous database of companies in Bangalore, companies in Gurgaon, Companies in Delhi or anywhere across India. In Sales Navigator one can use multiple filters like Industry, Headcount, Function, Geography, Title etc. One can even search based on the company names. Benefit of Sales Navigator is, one can search unlimited number of times, can search even for 3rd degree connections, can save them, download them and use for sales. After collecting the LinkedIn ids of relevant stakeholders, one can use tools like Lusha to collect business email ids and direct contact numbers of these decision makers. This process helps in generating your own company database but is expensive as the cost of Sales Navigator and Lusha is high.

Customize Company Database Creation in India

There are multiple companies in India which can help you generate cost effective company database. Your Harvey is one of those companies which can help you create one for yourself at record time and at minimal cost.


LinkedIn is one of the best ways to create your own company database in India provided you have funds to invest. If one does not have funds and wants to create the customized database, there are multiple companies in India which can help one to do the same.